Our Services

Our journey together starts with a meeting where we will explore and help you refine YOUR specification.

Once your CAD design drawing is agreed, we then progress to the build itself.


CAD design

Our aim is to build exactly what YOU the customer wants, after a short meeting with you we will draw your frame using CAD design, so you can visualise your build ensuring it is exactly what you have in mind before we proceed with the build.


TIG Welding

All our custom motorbike frames are JIG built with CDS tube and fully TIG welded.

Customer Journey

Our bespoke frames are one-off's, they take longer to produce than production frames. Our jig is reset to suit the dimensions of each CAD designed frame for each build and the tubes are formed individually on a tube bender and then notched individually, rather than in bulk.

We choose to TIG weld our frames rather than MIG welding. Although TIG welding takes longer due to the higher level of skill required, it offers a stronger and far neater weld with no finishing required after the welding process leaving a truly high end finish. It produces a fine, clean, beautifully crafted weld that’s the clear winner when details matter. TIG is the process of choice for fine-tuned hand-crafted projects. TIG welding can achieve a higher level of precision because the operator has more control over the gun vs. MIG welding. Unlike the MIG gun, which contains both the electrode and filler metal in one system, TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to form the arc. The filler metal must be added in separately, which enables the operator to control the speed and depth of the weld precisely. Since the operator has manual control over the filler metal, the beads can be much smaller and neater and cause less disruption in the surrounding metal. Control over the heat output means that the weld can be strong without burning through the parent metal and requiring rework.

Once your custom motorbike frame is built we can provide and position all auxiliary mounts and parts to build you a complete rolling chassis. The chassis is now ready for you to complete your build, with the stress of making and welding tabs onto the frame having been completed by our experts.

Our services

• Bespoke frame builds

• Frame alterations

• Exhausts

• Handle bars

• Bitch bars

• Spoke wheel conversions and much more ...

All parts are hand-made or machined with top quality materials by qualified engineers. Quality low cost parts, provided by Bikers for Bikers.